Monday, June 30, 2014

One Less Switch

So remember when Isaiah needed a support pillow to hang out in his chairs?  

We tried the Hugga Bebe for a while...and Isaiah still couldn't reach the hanging toys in his one chair.  I ended up putting 3+ rings on each so he could grab at them.

 Then we moved on to the BenBat.  Still couldn't reach the toys when trying to play, but he at least had less rings.

The one support that worked was the Snuggin Go.  He could play.  With zero rings attached to the toys!  He could kick the bottom plate that made music.  It was fantastic.  But now he's thirteen and a half pounds. He's twenty one inches (well, I believe he's longer; it just depends on how much he stretches that day).  

He has officially put the SNUG in Snuggin Go. So this weekend, we pulled the support out.

He says "I can BREATHE! and move my head! FREEEEEEDOM!"

Oh hey, he can play too. ;-)

We're still using the Snuggin Go pillow in his rocker, car seat, and stroller, but it's still one less switch which makes life easier.

Our boy is getting so big! Happy Monday, all!  We're looking forward to making some 4th of July memories this week. We can't wait to celebrate the good ole U S of A. 

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