Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sleep Study

Sunday night was a fun one...we drove to our second home, AI Dupont, and had Isaiah's first (and hopefully only) sleep study.

Isaiah had to do a sleep study to see how he's doing without the c-pap.  If all went well, we can pack it up and send it back to the oxygen company.  If not...well, we'll find out the plan from Isaiah's pulmonary team.  Results should take 3-4 weeks.  I'm hoping we don't hear for 4 weeks; that would be a good sign that he is a-ok.

Dave came with us to help us get settled in.  He headed over to spend the night over at the Ronald McDonald House once Isaiah was asleep for the night.

First though, we had to get settled in.  There was a bed set up...but that wasn't going to work for an 8 month old.  They just moved the bed to the side and pulled a crib in the room.  Major perk? I got to sleep in the bed.  

Isaiah got set up...he handled the bands around his torso just fine...

But when it came to all those sensors and that cannula....

Grump monster.  Understandably.  Who wants all those wires attached to you? And how can anyone sleep with all of those wires?

Somehow Isaiah did end up sleeping through most of the night. He woke up at 10pm and 3am for bottles but other than that he slept pretty peacefully.  (I on the other hand did not.  I couldn't see his heart rate or oxygen saturation and that drove me bonkers! On top of that, I asked questions and wasn't too happy with the responses....ugh, he's ok, he's ok, he's ok!)

Isaiah woke up like his happy, normal self at 6am.  He was quickly disconnected and we ran him over to the Ronald McDonald House (where Dave stayed for the night) to give Isaiah a bath before Pam started at 8am.  

Taking all of the gunk off of his head was fun...let me tell you...blech!
We'll let you know the results of the study when we hear....prayers for good news!  Right now we have one more day of pam, and it's been a party this time!  Will share more on that tomorrow, right now I have some other exciting news.  Remember when I told you we had a photographer in our house last week?  Well, if you are local and can get your hands on a Lancaster newspaper this Thursday, be sure to check out the Lifestyle section, as Isaiah and Wishbone Day will be featured!  If you're not local, the article should be on http://lancasteronline.com/  And you know...I'll probably be so excited that I'll post it here too. ;-)


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    1. It should be in tomorrow's paper. :) I can't wait to see it!