Monday, April 14, 2014

Celebrating and Reflecting

Isaiah is really making progress.  We are too.  We're starting to get more determined and brave with him.  After getting great advice for other OI moms, we did this....(can you tell what's different?)

He's in a ONESIE! NO SNAPS!  Hooray, now we can get those goofy onesies that have ridiculous sayings on them like "Pants are overrated".

This weekend was amazing.  We hit up Home Depot, spent time outside walking and planting flowers with Isaiah, and spent time with family.  We also celebrated our anniversary.

We went to our favorite restaurant in Lancaster, El Serrano.  This was our first real sit down meal with Isaiah in tow.  (Second if you count the buffet we enjoyed when the electricity went out and we stayed at a hotel.)  We had plenty of toys with us, and may have delayed his nap (in hopes that he'd pass out while we ate).  They gave us the perfect seat, out of the way but in view of lots of tables and people walking by.  It was perfect for our little people-watcher.

Isaiah didn't get antsy until we had started on our main course so I took him out of his stroller to cuddle.

It's ok, El Serrano's food is great reheated. :)

Isaiah ended up falling asleep in the car so we decided to run to the local BJs for a few things.  While at a red light, Dave looked back at Isaiah in the mirror and smiled.  He reflected on our weekend while I totally stole this picture because he melted my heart.

He started talking about how lucky we far Isaiah has strong Isaiah continues to amazing Isaiah behaved with family and today at the restaurant...

SOOO LUCKY! <3  Sometimes it's hard for us to wrap our brains around everything that has happened to our lives thanks to Isaiah.

In case you were wondering, ours BJs trip was fabulous.  Isaiah was passed out asleep the entire time.

Now that's the way to shop with a baby. ;-)

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  1. OMW! I can't believe how well he is doing! Look at him rocking the tube-free style! LOVE it! And I totally miss seeing him (well, I guess you guys too!) at Roseville. But I don't miss the mean shots part.
    P.S. Isaiah may have a new Mickey friend. Our daughter LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And every time it comes on I think of you guys!
    Take care!