Monday, April 28, 2014

Our First Story Time!

Last week, Isaiah and I went to our first story time at the local library.  

He LOVED it.  He focused during story time (while babies crawled all around him).  I'm pretty sure he sang.

He definitely danced.

We'll likely go back.  We're missing this week due to PAM and possibly next week for Wishbone Day, but we'll be back!  It was a little hard for me, I count my blessings every day, but when you have a room full of mobile, extremely active can hurt your heart a bit (if you let it) when your baby can't do those things...YET.  The positive thing is we all know I don't let myself stay in that place.  How can I?

Seriously, look at that smile.

This kid still comes with a boat load of stuff.  Not only are we getting PAM, but last night Isaiah had a sleep study.  Updates on that this Wednesday (if not beforehand)!  We shouldn't get the results for a few weeks though, unless something is wrong, so let's hope we don't hear for a while.  ;-)  When we do, hopefully they'll be telling us we can send that c-pap, oxygen tank, and suction machine (well, I wouldn't mind keeping that one) back to the oxygen company.

Oh man, only bringing a baby and a diaper bag on outings? YES PLEASE!

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