Friday, April 25, 2014

Ready for Wishbone Day Yet?

Isaiah and I are continuing to get ready for Wishbone Day. We may even have yellow decorations ready to hang in the house.   Before we decorate though, we had to spread the word to the locals!

We spent some time writing a letter to our neighbors.  (Are you visiting the blog because you received a letter?  If so, hi there! Welcome!)

(Can you read it? I just took a screen shot of the document.)

Once we got a few printed, Isaiah got to work folding.  (Hey, you have to start them early!)

Sealed with a...kiss?

Once folded, I collected them in my handy baby wipes box (We just celebrated Earth Day, we're all about recycling and reusing in this house!)

Once we had our letters ready, we went on many walks all around the neighborhood spreading awareness.  Hopefully our neighborhood will be YELLOW on May 6th (11 days away, people!).

An awesome friend of mine (the one that's having the yellow party) is also spreading awareness by posting flyers in a few local stores.
We're continuing to work locally ourselves...I don't want to tell you too much yet, but we had a photographer in our house Wednesday night. (whaaaaat?)

I love when Isaiah makes goo goo eyes at me.

I'll be asking you to share your yellow pics with us again this year.  You can do this by tagging Dave or I on Facebook or instagram (@mrsvickymartin) or emailing your picture to  (By doing so, you'll be giving me permission to put it in a video like I did last year.  I'm stuck on a song idea though, anyone have one?)

I only included this picture because Dave is in his yellow and this picture is awesome.

Get your yellow people!  Happy Friday! :)

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