Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Fracture Dance

It's been a quiet few days around here....

Although...last night Isaiah may have fractured in his spine or tailbone.  He wasn't a fan of sitting up at all so we gave him some meds and dinner in the bean bag.  I'm not sure what happened, but something may have occurred when I was picking him up...I'm hopeful that by the time this post goes live (I decided to write and schedule this time!), that I will be feeling crazy for thinking he had a fracture and that he'll be acting normal.

Oh, that fracture dance...I look forward to him being able to tell me about fractures.....well I'm not looking forward to fractures....but you know what I mean!

For now, we take precautions and give this guy lots of pudding...

Because his pudding smile is my favorite. <3


Update: Isaiah has been doing fine! No meds and sitting up just fine.  Just file this under #crazymomalert

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