Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Adapting for Disney- Resort Prep

Packing for our Disney trip is now down to the details!

I honestly started weeks ago, gathering "essentials" (hello to every Disney onesie, pacifier, burp cloth; get in that suitcase.)  We've also put in an order to WeGoShop, a delivery service that we've used on past vacations that gets our groceries for us and delivers them to the resort the day of arrival.  This saves us time, energy, money, and room in the suitcase. ;-)

We're staying in a "studio" room at Bay Lake Tower.  This will have a queen or king bed, a pull out couch, and a little kitchenette (sink, microwave, coffee maker, and toaster).  Every room has a Pack 'N Play.

If we were staying for just a few nights, I'd be good as gold with a pack 'n play...but since we'll be staying for over a week (!), I put a call in to request a crib.  There are cribs available for use in Disney World, but there are very few.  I am crossing my fingers that one will be available for us for use for our entire trip.  When I called, I explained about Isaiah's OI, so the Cast Member noted that it's a medical need, which I hope gives us priority.  I know that Disney does its best to work their magic, but if they can't finagle this one, we plan to put Isaiah in the bed for day time naps and the pack 'n play at night.

We'll really only be in our resort to sleep, eat a few meals, and swim.  We are ready for that pool!  We found some really cute swim tops at the Disney Store with wide button openings that seem to be just perfect for Isaiah!  They are easy to get on and off and they dry rather quickly.

We purchased a larger size on purpose to make it even easier to get on and off.  Now let's hope Isaiah can get used to the sunshine so that he will enjoy swimming!  

We do plan to have a few meals in the room, so we'll be using that travel high chair that I mentioned in my last post....the bonus point here is that if we decide to ditch the idea of bringing into the parks with us, it was worth it because we'll be using it in the room. 

Here's a picture from a few weeks ago of Isaiah testing out his high chair during his recent Pam treatment.

The glory of staying at Bay Lake Tower is that we can view the fireworks show (called Wishes) at the Magic Kingdom because it's so close by!  This will help us to avoid those loud booms of the fireworks...we're a bit concerned about the booms, since loud noises can cause those tiny ear bones to fracture in those with severe OI (which leads to hearing loss)...but we aren't ruling out one night of Wishes in the Magic Kingdom if Isaiah is up for it (we'll just make sure we are far from the castle). ;-)


Ok dokie, that about sums up all of our planning thoughts for our first family vacation to DISNEY WORLD!

AHHHH We can't wait to go and share the likely billions of photos that we will take of Isaiah experiencing his first Disney World Experience.  

We're too excited to sleep! 

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