Monday, June 29, 2015

Disney Days 1 & 2

Happy Monday! Are you ready for a million photos?  I hope you're on wi-fi, because if not, you may go over your data plan this week. :-p

It was two weeks ago today that we flew down to Florida!  Our flight went well for the most part; like I mentioned in my last post, his oxygen did dip below his normal when we were at the highest altitudes (good thing we had the oxygen).   If he weren't on the pulse ox, we wouldn't have had a clue!  Thank goodness for those medical tools to help keep our baby comfy. ;-)

We flew Southwest, and will gladly fly using that airline again...but that's only because of Rob, who works in their claims department.  You see, our stroller got broken somewhere between us gate-checking it at BWI and grabbing it at the gate in Orlando.  To say I was furious is an understatement.  And to make it worse, the ladies behind the desk in the Southwest office by baggage claims did not help the situation.  They were busy, and as much as I understood that, I also felt like they were blowing me off and not wanting to deal with me.  Until I mentioned the word "wheelchair" (you see, we labeled the stroller as a wheelchair.  It should have been handled as such.)....ugh.  The thing is, the stroller wasn't totally broken, just the part that holds the front cup holder on..but that holds the car seat in and protects Isaiah in crowds when we aren't using the car seat.  It being broken meant we had to carry Isaiah in his car seat through the airport to the baggage claim (along with the 26 lb oxygen concentrator, the bag of oxygen supplies, Isaiah's diaper bag, the car seat base, Isaiah's break bag, and two carry on bags).

My ears are turning red just thinking about it.

Thank goodness for Rob.  Even though "Southwest doesn't typically replace broken strollers", they decided to replace ours.  Rob had me find the exact stroller on Amazon and had it prime shipped to us.  Hooray!  We just had to use our broken one until then.

After we got things settled at baggage claim, we picked up our rental van and headed to Walt Disney World!

Ahhh love going under that sign!

We stayed at Bay Lake Tower, which is a part of the Contemporary Resort.  It's a 10-15 min walk to Magic Kingdom (MK) and the monorail rides through it.

The views of MK alone had us in awe.

This is the view from the Skyway that connects Bay Lake to the Contemporary.

After a quick walk around, we settled into our room on the 4th floor and as we waited for Isaiah's crib to be delivered, he passed out on the bed and a delivery came.

This was completely wonderful, loving, creative scrapbooking friends had this AMAZING package of happy delivered.

It included an embroidered blanket ("Super Isaiah"), Mickey ears, an engraved frame (Isaiah's First Visit 2015"), popcorn, cookies, lollipops, "My 1st" signs, a Mickey doll (and later balloons and a Donald doll were added!).  We're so spoiled...and so grateful.  Thank you again, ladies, for helping to start our trip off with some serious pixie dust.  

We spent the evening having dinner over at the Polynesian Village Resort and relaxing and before we knew it, it was time to head to bed to rest for the parks!

On Tuesday morning, we made our way over to the Magic Kingdom!
This is likely the only picture I got with the ears, because Isaiah seems to hate hats.

First stop- Meeting Mickey!!!
Look at his face!  That picture on the left is the very first moment he laid eyes on Mickey.  He was in such shock.  He couldn't take his eyes off of him.  The coolest part of meeting Mickey at Town Square is that he talks!  Good ole Magic Kingdom magic!

After Mickey, we made our way down Main Street.  It's a shame that he hates hats, because they'd be so useful in the Florida sunshine!...

Yup, no smiles in the direct sunshine. ;-)

We did our best to stick to shady spots while we made our way through the park and headed back to the new area- New Fantasyland.  We got on Isaiah's first ride, The Little Mermaid.

Don't let the picture fool you, he was so happy/excited.  He loved the music and the was great.

After his first ride, we headed over to Enchanted Tales with Belle.  

He wasn't totally impressed by meeting Disney royalty but he did enjoy the story.

After that, we tried to go on It's a Small World, but Isaiah decided to take his first Disney snooze instead...

So we headed to the shops instead.  We had reservations at The Plaza (right next to the ice cream parlor on Main Street) at 11:15 and thankfully Isaiah woke up for that.

He enjoyed a goldfish-shaped peanut butter sandwich and a few bites of the Mini Kitchen Sink. ;-)

Once we were done lunch (I highly recommend the Strawberry Chicken Salad), we made our way out of the Magic Kingdom, stopping to see the last showing of the Trolley Show.

We may have missed the opening show, but we were glad we caught this.  Isaiah's eyes were glued on all of the cast members dancing.

Once the show was over, we headed back for a good long nap and some down time.

Then it was time for Hollywood Studios!

The hat is gone! I say boo, Dave says yay...but that stage has GOT TO GO.  

We decided to visit Mickey here too...

So glad we did!  He played Peek a Boo and Isaiah was in heaven.

After that, we got to see Cousin Michael, who is now working down in Disney for a few months!  While he and Dave rode Tower of Terror, Isaiah and I took a walk and found a nice photo pass spot.

We enjoyed the atmosphere, tried to enjoy the Little Mermaid show (but it was just too loud for Isaiah), and watched Isaiah take it all in.  We learned that night that evenings would be our best bet for him to enjoy every aspect of Disney.

One of my favorite pictures from our trip...

And that concludes Days 1 and 2....I'll update more on Wednesday! :)

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