Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Disney Days 3 and 4

Are you ready for more Disney?  Oh hey, did I tell you that our trip was 10 days long?  So far I am only able to cram two days worth of photos into a post at a time (so basically you are going to be Disney-ed out by the time I am done posting about our trip)...I know I could do more, but with all of the organizing photos from my phone, from Dave's phone, and Photopass....and then having to go back and watermark them's a lot of work!

Our third day in Disney brought us back to Magic Kingdom.  We spent a lot of time's so big, most toddler/baby friendly (in my opinion), walkable from our resort, and my favorite.  Ha. 

Upon entering, we headed straight for one of the new areas, Storybook Circus.  We went to Pete's Sideshow to see more characters (FYI, lots of characters this trip, since Isaiah loves them so much).

We first stood in line for Donald and Goofy and then for Daisy and Minnie.  All of the characters were so sweet.  

Isaiah actually made a Donald-like noise when meeting Donald Duck and they had a great time playing Peek a Boo.  Isaiah was all about Goofy's ears and whiskers.  Daisy made lots of kissy sounds toward Isaiah and he just loved playing with her beak....and man, he was in love with Minnie's nose (wait til you see more pictures with Minnie later in this post...oh my goodness!).

After we were done visiting the characters, we went on It's a Small World.  

When it comes to rides, we had planned to use our carrier, but it's so hot down there, and I rarely use just wasn't natural for us.  We found it easier for me to get on most rides carrying Isaiah, I'd hold him for the ride, and then Dave would pick him up as soon as the safety features released and he'd carry him off the ride.  

Isaiah was very interested in everything in It's a Small World until the very end, when the boats stopped moving.  Combined with that and the music getting louder for the finale, Isaiah was ready for it to most people. ;-)

Here's a moment that Dave caught on video while he was enjoying it. :)

After Small World, we checked out Frontierland and saw the Country Bear Jamboree...Isaiah was so entertained!  Every time a bear would pop up behind a new curtain, Isaiah excitedly turned toward it.  His eyes were glued.  He clapped his hands!  It was so cute!

After the show, we went back to New Fantasyland, where we checked out the Beauty and the Beast store before our reservation at Be Our Guest.  (Oh hey, if you set up reservations for quick service lunch for here, totally put your order in before your trip.  This sounded insane to me when Dave had us do, how do I know what I'll want?  I picked the turkey sandwich, figuring it was a safe bet...and so glad I did!  It was yummy and we avoided standing in a huge line waiting to put in our order.

Isaiah loved Dave's roast beef sandwich and stole lots of roast beef (which was a huge surprise to us!).  Oh, and get the gray stuff; it's delicious! (Don't believe me?  Ask the dishes.....had to!)  The strawberry cupcake was by far our favorite, but all three cupcakes were yummy.  The three of us split them and loved every bite.  

After lunch, we made our way through the stores (avoiding the sun), bumping into the Fire Chief of Main Street!  He was super sweet and introduced us to some local ladies....who freaked Isaiah out. LOL (Wish I had a picture of his reaction, but the one lady stated "that's how most of the boys respond to me").

After a great morning, Isaiah took an insanely long nap, had a snack in our room, and we headed for the pool.  Fun fact about the pool at Bay Lake's completely in the shade after 6pm....which is the most amazing thing for our sun-loathing boy!  (Plus no worries of sun burn!)  It is also zero-entry, which meant Isaiah could sit up in the pool!  He loved playing with the fountains/water sprayers.

They had a great little splash zone that Dave ran through with Isaiah, too. He couldn't get enough of that.

"I'd like to do that again, please!"

After a swim and a good night's rest, we were ready for Epcot!

We had Fast Passes for the Character Spot, where we got to meet Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie (again, and it never got old lol)...
I love the picture with Mickey!  Hooray to all of us looking at the camera!

Oh my gosh, I can't handle the fact that I am posting these pictures of myself on the internet, but look at Isaiah!  He was SO excited to get to Goofy.  

and his face when squeezing Minnie's nose! PRICELESS!

When we left the Character Spot, Chip and Dale were meeting outside, so of course we had to jump in their line!
Do you know how to tell the difference between Chip and Dale?  Check out their noses- Chip is the one with the "chocolate chip" nose.

Once we were done meeting characters for the morning, we went to The Seas, where we chatted with Crush from Finding Nemo.  He called Isaiah a little hatchling. favorite is when he says "look at all the humans in the human tank!". If you have kids, go check it out, dudes.  It's super cute, dudes. ;-)
Once done there, it was time to head over to the World Showcase, Mexico (to be specific), for lunch at my most favorite place...San Angel Inn.  YUM!  Before our lunch, we rode the boat ride.  Isaiah was excited to see Donald throughout the ride.

After the ride, Isaiah enjoyed the chips, some chicken, and some beans...but he mostly loved the dark atmosphere and air conditioning. ;-)
(So apparently I forgot to add a picture to the bottom right corner. ha.  Blogger fail.)

After lunch, we met Mexican Donald (is that the politically correct?).  Isaiah loved his giant hat and beak....loved!

And that wraps up days 3/4.  Are you loving how much Isaiah loved meeting the characters?  Also, did you notice our DIY shirts while in Epcot?  Thanks to youtube and my cricut, we had some one-of-a-kind shirts that were easy to make....I will likely make many more in the future. :)

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