Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pam Time!

Yesterday we checked in to the Ronald McDonald House, our home away from home, for Isaiah's next Pam-cation ;). For those new to the blog, (hi there!) Pam is short for pamidronate, the treatment that Isaiah gets to help his bones. We come to DuPont every eight weeks for it.  It's a treatment that takes 3-4 hours a day, each day, for three days, so we stay at the McDonald house across the street to make it easier on us.  It's an outpatient treatment so we do it all together. As Isaiah gets bigger, the amount of days we do this will be less, so at some point we'll just be doing this one day every 16 weeks (can't wait!).

For now, we take advantage of having the McDonald house across the street and make a little vacation out of things. Usually when we arrive, Isaiah has a hissy fit, but this time he rolled in with pride. He wanted to check everything out.

We had a great evening with his buddy, Gavin, and headed to bed early to ready ourselves for the first day. 

The first day of Pam is always the toughest.  Isaiah has to be weighed, measured, and accessed. When I say "accessed", I'm referring to the nurses accessing the port in his chest and getting it ready so that his IV fluids (the Pamidronate) can flow. If he didn't have the port, they'd start as IV. 

We're adding to the long day with a check in with audiology late in the afternoon. 

I'll be updating Isaiah's Facebook and my Instagram (both of which you can get to, whether you are on either or not, by just clicking on them over on the right side of the blog so keep an eye out. :)

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