Wednesday, July 15, 2015

23 Months

Isaiah turned 23 months on Saturday...aka he is one month away from being TWO years old!  (aka way past the time that I should be counting the months.  It's a sickness, ok?)

Also, it's fun to have all the photos documented this way.  I was able to get every month since his first birthday in this high chair, against the blue wall, and that's just fun. I need to get out more.

Isaiah has grown quite a bit this month!  He's back to gaining weight and seriously sizing out of 6 month clothes (to the point that people are noticing and commenting "hey, it looks like this will be the last time he wears that outfit, huh?").  He now has twelve teeth, one of which made us all crazy and the other seemed to sneak into Isaiah's mouth one day.  

He's made huge strides in sitting up.  If only I'd get the guts to let him sit up on his own on the floor...

I wouldn't say he's mastered it but he's hardly wobbling and lasting at least 10 minutes.

Because of his newfound strength, we've upgraded his highchair and taken away the baby attachment:

We were able to keep the back on for now, but even that can go soon.

He went on his first airplane, vacation, trip to Disney World!

Isaiah's vocabulary continues to grow.  He can name most characters from Sesame Street (Grover, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Bert, Abby Cadabby, Oscar), and says trashcan, fish, "blue car", yogurt, egg, carrot, cheese, and "oh cool".  He's also learning to say his version of a few color words: brown, purple, pink, yellow, and red.

Oh, and (no big deal....yeah right!) he got his first wheelchair. ;-)  He is free to move outside of a house and he is thrilled.

Check out the new umbrella for Isaiah's wheelchair!  He's a stink about the sun
and this blocks it wonderfully!  It's by Radio Flyer and meant for their wagons. :)

Honestly, this has been his most amazing month since the holiday season and Dave and I just keep saying how great things are going and how proud we are of Isaiah's progress.  Let's keep this momentum going, shall we?

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