Monday, July 6, 2015

Disney Days 7 and 8

Hi there!  I hope all of our American followers enjoyed the weekend celebrating our country and freedom. <3  

I am back to almost wrapping up our 10 day Disney trip.  Day seven was Father's Day!  We spent the morning in Animal Kingdom.

We rode the Safari as soon as the park opened.  Isaiah enjoyed seeing all of the animals.  Since it was early, a lot of them were out eating.  We even got to see a 4 month old giraffe...who ran to his mom when our vehicle came near (according to our driver, he was still getting used to the vehicles).  

Funny thing, I don't remember it being nearly as crazy bumpy as it was this ride...Isaiah loved those bumps....but I was holding on for dear life him and busy trying my best to stabilize us the best I could...unless Isaiah requests to ride this one when he is older, I don't plan to ever bring him on again. ;-)

After the safari, we visited Isaiah's pals, Mickey and Minnie, again.

Never got old.

After that, we made our way to meet Dave's favorites, Baloo and King Louie.

To say that Baloo loved Dave's shirt was an understatement.  He just kept pointing and dragging Dave around to the other families and pointing to the shirt and cute.  While Dave and Baloo played, Isaiah enjoyed time with King Louie.  He couldn't keep his hands off his fur.  

He really loved the furry characters...even if he hasn't seen their movie Up.

Isaiah got to pet Dug and play peek a boo with Russell.  

After visiting with the Up characters, we met Tarzan!

I had fun with Tarzan.  I asked him how Jane was doing and he replied "Jane back at treehouse".  I asked him if they have any kids yet and he said "kids?" while scratching his head.  I replied, "yes, babies?" while pointing at Isaiah.  He was all "BABIES? BABIES????"  

I love talking to the face characters.

After meeting Tarzan, we headed to see The Lion King.

We had front row seats which allowed Isaiah to have an unobstructed view and to take it all in.  He loved the fast songs but could do without Can You Feel the Love Tonight.  We had a monkey man eat bugs off of us and lots of characters come right up and interact with and dance for us.  

After the show, we had lunch a was hot and I should have given Isaiah a snack before the show.  Once he had some lunch, we made our way back to the resort for a cool down, nap, and a little snack...

Once we were rested, we headed back to the Magic Kingdom! (Can you tell we love it there?)

We checked out the Tiki Room and Adventureland before heading to dinner at Pecos Bills (Disney friends, can we have a moment of silence for the hot cheese?).

After dinner, we made our way down Main Street, taking more castle pictures. 

 I am obsessed with castle pictures.  But, look, we got a smile!

It was a quick evening in the Magic Kingdom because we wanted to fit another swim fest in before the end of our trip...

We loved taking Isaiah swimming before bed.  He always sleeps so well for the night then.

Monday morning, we headed to 'Ohana for breakfast with some more characters.  Isaiah got to meet Stitch and Lilo and see Pluto and Mickey again.

The food is served family style at 'Ohana, which is a nice change from running around to get food from the buffet and fear missing a character.  'Ohana was the first place we had trouble setting up Isaiah's awesome travel high chair...but the staff was fantastic in asking what was going on and hunting for a better chair to suit our needs...they did by the way. ;-)  And we thank them for that.  

There is something about Isaiah being able to sit up on his own... not on one of our laps and not slumped and hidden in his stroller...the characters have more freedom to interact with Isaiah this way and it's wonderful.

After breakfast, we went to check out Downtown Disney.  Lots of construction and changes, but we were still able to add to our Disney Mr Potato Head collection and checked out the fun mirror in Goofy's candy store.

On Monday evening, we went back to the Magic Kingdom to play in Tomorrowland a bit.

We had dinner at Cosmic Rays (and Sonny Eclipse freaked Isaiah out) then rode Buzz Lightyear again...

After Buzz, we hopped by Fantasyland to ride the Winnie the Pooh ride.  Isaiah loved the rain room.  As a matter of fact, we now sing "And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down" every bath. :)

The night went quickly.  Isaiah seemed pretty sleepy after Winnie the Pooh, so we made our way to the entrance...remembering we had a fastpass to see (talking) Mickey again.  Mickey woke Isaiah right up.

This was the interaction that Disney is all about...we wish we had videoed this trip to see Mickey.  As soon as Isaiah laid eyes on Mickey, he was grinning ear to ear.  Mickey sang two songs from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and it was just the coolest.  Isaiah was trying to sing along and kicking his feet like crazy.  When we went to leave, Isaiah started to cry as we sat him in his stroller.

Instead of moving on to the next family, Mickey came over to Isaiah in his stroller and sang the Hot Dog song again.  He held hands with him and basically made me a giant ball of tears.


Thanks Mickey.

Instead of walking back to our resort, we decided to ride the monorail.

We grabbed a quick late bite in the quick service at the Contemporary, where Isaiah still couldn't stop smiling.
and where Dave started to say "hey lady, put the camera phone down."


and we decided to book a trip for next May.

Oh snap.

Last Disney recap coming on Wednesday...focusing on our last two days...when some of the most magical moments from our trip took place. :)

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