Friday, July 17, 2015

Photos for DuPont

A few months ago, I was asked if Dave and I would consider having a professional ad agency contact us to work on some advertising footage of Isaiah for AI duPont.  As you know, I feel very strongly for duPont/Nemours.  It's a scary thought, but when I think about if we would have stayed with our first path of care, I don't think Isaiah would be alive.

Clearly, I just had to say yes... ;-)

The doctors at duPont believe in Isaiah, and always have.  They never wanted to write his story for him before he was out of my belly and they've allowed Isaiah to sail the ship, be the captain, so to speak.

They've always provided Isaiah with a "team".  For example, although he's seen multiple doctors from the pulmonary department during inpatient stays, he's only followed by Dr H, which offers us the consistency he needs.

I love the nurses, respiratory therapists, x-ray/MRI technicians, PAs,...everyone.  Everyone treats us kindly.  Everyone that we've worked with remembers our names and we are always greeted in the hallways, lobby, and cafeteria by friendly, familiar faces.  I especially love that Isaiah can see his old NICU doctors and PT and that they can see how much progress he's made.

I love that they listen.  I appreciate that Dave and I are respected as being the ones who know Isaiah best.  I am grateful that no one feels like I am stepping on any toes when I ask to be the one to position Isaiah for a surgery, or that when he was in the NICU that we asked to do everything but touch the machines.  I also love that I can ask a question ten times to be sure I understand and they answer with patience, wanting me to understand, not just saying to "trust them".

AI duPont Hospital has helped us help Isaiah since before he was born, so obviously when they asked for us to be a part of last year's radiothon, I had to say yes because I'd love to help duPont.  When they asked us to take photos and video for advertising, I didn't hesitate to say yes.  They are a big reason he is here today.

The photos in this post are just a fraction of what Ben Van Hook and his team from &Barr took.  (They also took video and even Carl hammed it up for them, curling up, belly in the air, on Isaiah's nursery carpet when Isaiah and I read a book.)  

They can be used for anything the marketing department of Nemours chooses to use them for, from brochures for the orthopedic department to a billboard on I-95.  I have friends that have friends in that department, so hopefully they'll let me know if Isaiah's photo/video is pulled for anything. ;-)

And we're not done yet, next week is Pam time again! (Can you believe it?  It's been 8 weeks already?) During/after our treatment, we'll be meeting with someone from the Marketing department who will be interviewing Dave, Isaiah, and I for Perinatal program at Nemours.  I'll be sure to share that interview with you once it's pieced together and live. :)

And if you see us in any Nemours commercials or advertising, let us know!  I feel like Isaiah advertising for them makes him an official "dupont kid" as I've always called him (and hey, they now have an official OI clinic label, which means he can be a "dupont adult" there too! That label gives them the ability to work with OI patients with OI until they are 35...aka Dr B isn't allowed to retired until Isaiah is 36. #kiddingnotkidding).


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