Friday, July 10, 2015

Dear Isaiah

My dearest Isaiah,

As I write this, it is Wednesday, July 8, 2015.  It's just before 9pm and poor daddy had a long work day and I anticipate his arrival home.  I've just bathed you, read with you, and sang with you.  Your cuddles were extra sweet tonight.  After reading I Love You So..., I held you on my shoulder.  I felt you push off of your legs, trying to burrow into my neck as much as you could while we sat together.  I felt your cheek against mine and you sucked on your paci as you relaxed.

There was a time I felt like I'd never get to hold you like that.
I had worries of mattress pads, tubes and wires everywhere.

I've got your medical equipment all set up, ready for you to go to sleep before I slip it on your face (c-pap) and foot (pulse ox).  I placed you in your crib; you rolled over to your right side like you always do, grabbed a hold of your blankets as I placed them on you and wiggled into your comfy zone.  You hysterically laughed in your crib for a half hour before you went off to dreamland.  You feel it too, don't you?  That excitement?

Our lives are about to change.  Your life is about to change.  Your world is about to open up in such a magnificent way.

Tomorrow your custom wheelchair will arrive.

A wheelchair that doctors didn't believe would be appropriate for you.  They believed that just pushing a chair with your arms would break the bones in your arms.

But your bones are stronger than they think.  You are stronger than they think.

And we proved that thanks to Jack, his family, and friends.

Making his way down the hallway.

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But now I sit here, happily anticipating you getting into your wheelchair.  You will be free to move where you'd like to move (except, no stairs, kid.), when you'd like to move.  To discover the world your way.

I've been asked how I am feeling about you getting your wheelchair.  If I've "accepted" that you will never crawl, walk, or run...What I have accepted is that your mobility is up to you.  Your body will decide what you can do.  You will decide what you want to push your body to do.  Maybe you'll decide you want to try walking in a year, maybe five years, maybe never.

And I we will support you 100%.

I am feeling excited about your wheelchair.  I am thrilled to see you roll on your own, to move alongside others.  I'm even excited for you to get into things you shouldn't getting into.

You have come such a long way, kiddo.  You made it through a birth that caused between 12-18 fractures (and that was a c-section!).  You've made it through three NICU stays, respiratory failure, needing oxygen, a bi-pap, a c-pap, a feeding tube, fractures at home, two surgeries, a PICU stay, a diagnosis of hydrocephalus...

Despite your obstacles, you smile.  I hope you use this tool to its fullest potential.  I hope it brings you where you want to go and helps you to continue to develop into the strong almost two year old that we love so much.

It's time to show the world that you've got moves kid, go get 'em.

Momma <3


Dear Friends,
We're taking these next few days to get Isaiah comfortably introduced to his wheels.  Update on Monday, full of video and photos of Isaiah on the move! <3  His chair arrived during his PT appointment and after some adjusting from the DME and Isaiah's awesome PT, he is able to get rolling on his own.  He is LOVING it.
Vicky and Dave 

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  1. The three of you are remarkable family Vicky-congratulations on this new milestone!