Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pam and a Sleep Study

We had a tough second day of treatment but after a good night's sleep Isaiah was ready to tackle his last day of his pamidronate treatment for this cycle.  On Tuesday, we thought he had broken a rib, and he was showing every sign of that until Wednesday morning.  I'm not sure if Pamidronate is that amazing in terms of pain reduction or what, but isaiah was back to himself (no pain meds since Tuesday night) and it was wonderful. He was even sitting up in his bed playing! 

And I was stalking, ready to catch him if he'd go off balance, like a good helicopter mom should. ;) 

The morning was slow but before we knew it we were done.  Catch you later, day med ;)

We returned to the Ronald McDonald house to twiddle our thumbs while we waited for our next hospital adventure- a sleep study.  I hate sleep studies. But they are needed to check and see how isaiah is doing at night with his breathing. He has obstructive sleep apnea, and we're hopeful that has improved.

To pass the time, we did our laundry, played on the floor, cleaned our room, and took a good bath...

As good as it can be in a shower.  

After we packed up, had dinner, and checked out of the McDonald House, we were back at the hospital...torturing Isaiah. :(

At least that's what it feels like.  Setting him up was pretty rough.  He was so mad, he just kept screaming at us.  He wouldn't look at me.  He was exhausted.  I think he hates sleep studies.  Me too, kid.

I'm typing this at 2am, not surprisingly unable to sleep, and just wanting to go home.  We miss Dave.  We miss Carl. (Both of which/whom* Isaiah keeps asking for.) I desperately miss my bed and I just want to get back to our normal.  I know isaiah also can't wait to get home. 

Here's hoping the clock picks up its pace and 6am gets here so we can grab some breakfast and be on our way back to Pennsylvania. 

Oh and let's also hope that isaiah is ready to nap his face off today. Because I know I will be. 

11 days until surgery.  

*I'm so tired that I don't know which word fits correctly.  Please ignore my exhausted grammar, grammar police.  

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