Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Already?

This kid.  

I gave him a peanut butter egg after lunch and I swear he was still on a sugar high at bedtime.  He was up two hours past his bed time playing.  So much energy; it was insane.

Although I do understand, he did have an exciting day.  We had PT yesterday that brought the Wheelchair rep back to our home again, this time with two wheelchair demos.  

On the left is the Quickie X'Cape and on the right is a TiLite Twist

Even though it was too big for him, Isaiah did extremely well in the TiLite Twist.  He was trying to move before we even had him strapped in and once he was strapped in, he flew across the room.

We'll be able to keep the wheelchairs over the weekend.  We'll be taking two cars to haul them and our normal stuff to the Ronald McDonald House/DuPont on Sunday as the Rep needs the TiLite back by Wednesday (and since he's going to be at DuPont on Monday, it just works out...we may need two cars anyway as Dave will have to head back to work midweek).  We do believe we found a winner with the TiLite.  It needs some extra supports but we'll be spending our surgery time looking over the TiLite on their website and getting our ducks in a row.

Speaking of the surgery, we got the call yesterday that Isaiah's shunt surgery (to alleviate his hydrocephalus) will be the first case on Monday morning so we will have to arrive at the hospital at 6:30am, I assume surgery will begin at 8am.  So if you need me, I'll be hyperventilating in a corner until then....

Just kidding.  We're keeping busy.  Isaiah's buddy Gavin and his family will be stopping by to try out the chairs.  We're visiting my old place of work (but trying desperately to avoid germs), celebrating a friend's 3rd birthday, and packing.  I imagine we'll be driving to DuPont before we know it.

On our 7 year anniversary.  Yup.  We will be having our anniversary dinner at the Ronald McDonald romantic. :-P


Going into this weekend, we're asking for prayers for Monday.  We're asking to please pray for Isaiah, for his surgeons and nurses, and for us.  This is a standard procedure for Dr C, which helps calm our fears a bit, but it's not for us.  Isaiah is strong, his breathing has improved so much, but I worry about the fact that he's going to be intubated and it'll somehow make his progress go backwards.   He's added so many words to his vocabulary just in the last week (okie dokie, bed, bath, apple, eggplant) and I worry that could be affected in a negative way.  I worry that since he'll be in the PICU post-op, I'll have to fight again and I hate doing that.  

So please pray, send good thoughts, pixie dust, and whatever else you have for our Super Isaiah.  <3

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