Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015 Recap

Easter 2015 is now just a memory and it surely is a wonderful one.

We started out with a hunt for Isaiah's Easter Basket...
He loved it.  He had fun opening the eggs, pulling out the notes, and hearing the rhymes.

But his favorite part was probably seeing his Easter haul.  This kid is spoiled.  A friend of ours added to the pile with that awesome basket with Mickey Mouse inside.  

Later in the day, we made our way up north to celebrate Easter dinner with family.

We brought the Scooot with us, and are so glad we did.  Isaiah was so happy to look around and discover things himself.  I've never seen him move so fast in that thing.

It was wonderful to see cousins interacting...

We tried to get a group picture of the kids, but well, that was a bit of a flop, as you can see by Isaiah's face...(but his cousin Leo was totally into it!)

We had a number of rousing games of Upper Upper...see my previous post for an explanation of the game.

Dave got creamed by cousin Dominic (and it happened so fast that I missed it!)  Uncle Andrew was crushing all the kids.

Isaiah included.

It was a wonderful day.  To be surrounded by family is just amazing.  So much love in one day.  We missed the family we couldn't see, but were glad to see those that could make it.

Easter was a wonderful distraction from all the hospital time we put in last week and will put in next week.  Later this week I hope to post some details from the sleep study and my appointment with Dr. C.

We hope you had a wonderful weekend as well. <3

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