Friday, April 24, 2015

Sitting Up

A late afternoon Friday post still counts as a Friday post, right?  It is still Friday, after all. Sorry for the delay guys, the second shipment of shirts came in and we've been busting our butts to get them packaged and shipped out before the weekend.

With some breaks for snacks....and what clearly looks like I'm teaching Isaiah to play "pull my finger"...

I'm not, I swear.  That's Dave's department...

Yesterday, Isaiah had his first physical therapy session since before surgery and it went really well (which was surprising given he refused bedtime until 9pm Wednesday night and was up at 5:30am Thursday morning).  We talked about how well Isaiah has been sitting up on our laps and that maybe it is time to pull back, give him some independence (with me hovering within inches), and let him sit up on his own.  I'll likely start piling pillows around him over the next few weeks and inching farther away, but it looks like he may be strong enough!  Isaiah's core is so much more stable now.

And he loves it!

We also worked on tummy time on an exercise ball yesterday.  And for the first time in his life, with a tiny nudge to the chin from me, Isaiah lifted his head by himself!  We couldn't get pictures because the whole routine required all hands on deck, but it's something that I want to work on every day in hopes that Isaiah will finally realize that he has the strength for this move.

And quite honestly, maybe it'll tucker him out, because this kid has gone the last 3 nights of refusing his normal bedtime of 7pm and not giving in to sleep until 9pm.  I refuse to give up on that dreamy 7pm bedtime, but thanks to his love of gagging himself to the point of puking if we don't stop him, he's been able to party outside the crib.  I know to ignore the behavior, but well, I only have so many crib sheets...let's hope he grows out of this habit, pronto.

If by party I mean, makehim watch Grey's Anatomy with me while I cuddle him into exhaustion...


Happy Weekend, kids!

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