Monday, April 27, 2015


Here's just a few tidbits of our last few days... :)

Do you know what's fun about puzzles?

Pulling them apart and throwing their pieces everywhere, obviously. ;-) (Good thing that puzzle only has three pieces.)  

Doing tummy time on an exercise ball with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as an incentive.

This child will twist his body in crazy ways instead of just picking his head up...he can do it, he just doesn't want to.  (Come on kid, work those neck muscles!)

We've mastered sipping from the straw.  AHHHHHH

We stopped pushing daily (multiple times a day) straw exercises back at 13 months because we weren't getting anywhere.  I'd seriously work on squeezing his cheeks and other exercises that felt were a little crazy (but I am sure they work for some kids, just not mine).  We started with a new Occupational Therapist who was very much on the same page as us....he'll get it when he's ready, don't push, don't stress...In February, he learned to suck the top of my water bottle so we took advantage of that.  He'd been drinking from those little pureed fruit packs so that also involved sucking something like a straw....we'd randomly pull out a straw for Isaiah to try, and this past Friday, he just got it and he's been drinking from a straw ever since.  Yay!

We celebrated Isaiah's friend's first birthday on Saturday.  Normally, we bring Isaiah's high chair to friend/family gatherings so Isaiah has a place to's not quite travel-friendly, but it fit in the trunk just fine and worked for us.  We just looked like goofballs walking in with a highchair (hey, don't mind us, we'll just move right in.)  ;-) This time we tried Isaiah's Boppy's like a bumbo but more padded, comes with a tray, and attaches to a chair- perfect for traveling.

It was fantastic!  It worked out well that our friends had a padded folding chair (so he could rest his head on the padding when needed), but my trunk just got so much bigger, guys! Woo hoo!

Tomorrow we have Speech Therapy (that started right before surgery) and a trip to DuPont for a follow up with Dr. C to see how Isaiah's incisions are looking post-surgery.  We'll update on Wednesday. :)

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