Sunday, April 12, 2015

20 Months? How'd I miss that?!

Guys, my brain is mush! I have been so preoccupied making sure that we have everything we need for this DuPont trip that I missed Isaiah's monthly birthday! Normal people stop celebrating them after 12 months anyway, but seriously, 1) I'm not normal and 2) when you are told your kid might die when you're pregnant you have a tendency to want to celebrate his life every chance you can get. Basically you people are lucky you don't get weekly updates.  Ha 

At least I got some pictures of Isaiah yesterday!  He is 20 months old! This month his vocabulary has blossomed big time!  He's added some crazy words and phrases like okie dokie, apple, and even eggplant!  We're pretty sure he knows his BFF's name, Gavin.  He can label anything that is blue with its color name and we're hoping to add green to his vocab soon. He is a mimicking machine.  He just started speech therapy too and we're hoping she is wondering why we've started with her. :)

He is still rocking his 3-6 month clothes...pants need to go up a size but honestly, I'm pushing it to summer so he can rock some capris. ;)

He's just shy of 16 pounds and a little over 25 inches long. 

And in case you haven't been paying attention (what kind of stalker are you, geez), we're checked back in to the McDonald House across from Dupont. Tomorrow is the day.  Isaiah will have his second surgery; this time to place something called a VP Shunt.  The doctor will make two incisions, one in Isaiah's head and one near his abdomen. He'll insert the shunt in his head and thread it down to the lining of Isaiah's stomach to drain the excess spinal fluid in Isaiah's head (aka hydrocephalus). 

We brought Isaiah's bathtub and accessories with us today so we could give him a good long bath tonight...

And now as I type, he is asleep for the night. Even though he's been sleeping through the nights, we'll be waking him at midnight for some milk to make sure he's as full as he can be before the cut off for surgery. 

We are due at the hospital bright and early (6:30am.) and we assume surgery will begin around 8am. 

We will do our best to update when we can. 

Please please say a prayer (or 5) for Isaiah, for his doctors, and for us. Send us as many/much positive thoughts, pixie dust, prayers, and love that you can. We're hopeful Isaiah will get through this challenge like all the others, with complete strength. 

He's got this. 

We've got this.

We believe in Isaiah. 

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  1. Praying for all of you.
    You've got this!!
    Much love from Kansas City 💙💙