Monday, February 23, 2015

Winter Fun

This weekend we forgot all of our troubles and enjoyed times together as a family.  We went out to lunch, enjoyed water therapy together (I'll share pictures from that later), and once Dave was home safe from work on Saturday, happily watched the snow fall.

We knew from a past snow that Isaiah was not so much a fan of going out in it, but does love playing with it, so we brought some more in and even tried to make Snow Ice Cream.

Spoiler alert: it was disgusting.  I went with a 4 ingredient recipe (because we had all of the listed ingredients), but may try another in the future (do you know a good one? Does it depend on the consistency of the snow? This snow was light and fluffy so I wonder if that's why it was more slushy like....or maybe I put too much in?  Oh well...)

After that ice cream fail and a nap, we decided to try taking Isaiah out to play.  I know he loathes his heavy winter duds, and they are hard to get on him, so instead I opted for multiple layers upon layers.  I know his head control isn't strong enough for his awesome infant sled, but another mom from TN had posted pictures of her son sledding in a laundry basket and I just thought that was brilliant.  I wanted some serious head support, so I decided to use Isaiah's adaptive chair, called a Tumbleforms Feeder chair, that he received from members of our OI family.  Guys, it fit inside that laundry basket like a glove!  It was meant to be!  We added in some blankets for warmth and cushion, threw on his hat and mittens, and away we went!

We had so much fun!!  Whenever we'd stop, Isaiah would yell "GO! GO!".   It was just perfect.  It felt normal.  Because Isaiah was so well-protected, we did so much less worrying about bones.  Because Isaiah was used to that chair, he was happy because he was sitting in something familiar but doing something new.

Yup, this will be our mode of sledding for winters to come.

If you are in the US and experiencing this crazy winter, I hope you have been able to get out there and enjoy it when it's safe.  And if you are far enough south that you're avoiding it all....can we come live with you? :-P  We are making lemonade slushies with our lemons but man oh man, what I wouldn't give for tulips bulbs coming through the mulch, starting our vegetable garden, and warm sunshine on a spring day...

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