Sunday, February 8, 2015

MRI day!

Today we are getting ready for hopefully a full but uneventful day. 

Good thing Isaiah slept pretty well! If you count a 9:30 bedtime at 2am wake up as "sleeping well". Whomp whomp.

That's ok. We just gotta get through today. At 10am, we head to Isaiah's first mri.  Well, for him to get sedated. We're expecting for him to go on the MRI table at 11:30 and be there for approximately one hour. If all goes well in recovery, he'll start his bimonthly bone treatment there and then they'll wheel him to day medicine (where we normally go for treatment).

Please pray that today goes smoothly. I didn't sleep the majority of the night worrying too much about the what ifs. I'm scared for the sedation.  I'm scared for them to see that he has something wrong in that noggin of his. I'm scared he's going to get sick from intubation since he'll be sedated.  Because my brain goes to scary places sometimes, I'm scared he won't wake up. Gah.

Today is going to be a long one. I hope to update here, but definitely will on Facebook.  Definitely expect an update here by tomorrow night as we'll meet with Isaiah's neurosurgeon tomorrow afternoon...aka we'll be getting the results of the MRI about 24 hours after it and set up a plan if it's needed. Ahhhh! 

Oh prayer warriors, we appreciate you. ❤️

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