Monday, February 9, 2015

MRI Complete and Back to our PAMcation

Isaiah's first mri is now a memory! Hooray! As a reminder. Isaiah was getting an MRI to check his head for hydrocephalus.  There is some concern due to the the fact that his head has grown off the (growth) charts, and although isaiah shows no other signs, we just want to be sure we're not missing it. 

The MRI lasted about an hour.  Amazingly the team did wait to get him off the the MRI table so that I could do it.  How fantastic are they? So I moved him from the MRI table to his recovery bed.  And let me tell you, my kid is HEAVY when he's sedated/coming out of sedation. Dead weight.  

Isaiah took some time to wake up, but he made it through the entire MRI without needing any breathing support besides an occasional mask of oxygen, just like any other kid? Woah! Go Isaiah! I recovery, he spent a lot of time was nap time after all! But before we knew it, he was awake and drinking water...

Once Dr B came in and saw him, he gave the all clear to give Isaiah his pamidronate so we moved to day medicine! Woooooot!

This is where Isaiah got to play with his new toys....yup, of course we bought him some fun stuff at the gift shop while he was getting his mri...

We're as surprised as you that they aren't Mickey-related. 

Pam went off without a hitch!  Everything was normal. As the treatment went on (about 4 hrs a day for 3 days.  Today was day 1), Isaiah's appetite increased and by the time it was over he had a few crackers, some nutrigrain bar, and an ounce of milk...progress! We grabbed dinner for him in the cafeteria before headed back to the McDonald house and he ate quite a bit hot dog and almost a whole yogurt! Hooray appetite! He headed to bed after a bit more milk and we're happy. 

It was A LONG day, but we feel lucky and so blessed. 

Tomorrow we should find out the results of the MRI. We'll let you know as soon as we can.  ❤️ thank you for your love and prayers!

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