Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fun While We Wait

My posts lately have been too serious for me.  I hope you know I am not completely consumed by all the worry and waiting (yep, still waiting for those ultrasounds to be sent to Isaiah's neurosurgeon) can I be when I take care of this handsome boy?

Thanks for the Valentine, Cousin Marissa! I <3 you!!

We've been spending lots of time playing (and apparently avoiding naps.  Yesterday was nap-free.  For the love of Fruit Loops let that just be an off day!) and making awesomely hilarious "thinking" faces while doing so... 

We've been working on tummy time and left-side lying.
He's starting to do it on his own, guys!

We've been repeatedly singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm because hearing Isaiah try to sing "E-I-E-I-O" is the greatest ever.

and we've been enjoying life.  Seriously, how can we not with this guy?  Especially when he shows us how strong he is-  he can sit up without the support of a tray in front of him! (Did you notice that in the video above?) Woo hoo!

Everyday this kid gets stronger and more amazing.  Yes, we have had a few set backs (like the latest diagnosis), but who doesn't experience set backs here and there?  Instead of letting them consume us, we're accepting them and preparing ourselves to fight through them along Isaiah's side, and hopefully Isaiah will always do it with that smile of his.  Hopefully he will always choose joy...and without flipping people off like he looks to be in that last picture. ;-)

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