Monday, February 9, 2015

MRI in progress

This morning went rather smoothly. Isaiah woke a little before 8 so we gave him a bit of water before his official cut off time. Before we knew it, it was time to head to the hospital...

Thank goodness for the iPad! It saved us all! ;)

We spent a lot of time in Isaiah's anesthesia room prepping the staff that would work on sedating him. They were WONDERFUL. Full of thoughtful questions and allowing us to do as much as possible. 

They even brought the MRI table into the room and WE positioned him.  The plan is for us to be the only ones repositioning him so when the MRI is complete, we should be the ones who will move him to his recovery bed.

Isaiah handled the beginning sedation very well and we are hopeful he hasn't needed to be intubated. His oxygen saturation level did quickly dip to 80% right in front of us but was brought back up to healthy levels just using a mask of pure oxygen hovering by his face. The nurses assured me this is typical, scary none the less. Reminded me a bit of when he went into respiratory failure...but let's not go back there!

The sedation meds made isaiah very happy....and now we wait to see him. Continued prayers are appreciated. We so love you for them. <3

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