Tuesday, February 10, 2015

MRI Results

First, I'm just going to cut to the chase, Isaiah has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus. 

For the first time in forever, we had to get Isaiah out of bed. Our sleepy head was trying hard to recover from his long day yesterday but we had to get this show on the road. 

Our morning went rather well, day 2 of 3 of Isaiah's bone treatment went smoothly, but when Dr Bober stopped in (as he does every day of treatment), he let us know that the MRI results were available. 

He said things weren't textbook...We've always known Isaiah is unique...but they did find some concerns. Isaiah's jugular veins (those are the main veins that carry spinal fluid out of your brain) are...blocked? Usually there are holes in your skeleton that those veins travel through; Isaiah doesn't have those holes so his body has been compensating by creating new veins all over his skull to get that fluid moving. 

Basically, if you think of it in terms of roadways, the jugular veins are like highways.  Isaiah's highways are closed thanks to road blocks.  Thankfully, his body has created side streets to detour/ease the "traffic congestion" (aka spinal fluid) but side streets still can't clear a traffic jam quickly when cars keep coming so traffic continually builds...am I making any sense?  

He has fluid build up and it's possibly putting pressure onto his brain. 

Because Isaiah is doing well cognitively and is often so happy, no one is sure how truly severe the hydrocephalus is. 

We don't have a plan yet, the doctors are taking time to think and taking time to get a hold of my ultrasounds so that they can hopefully find a clear enough picture of his brain from that time so they have something to compare this week's MRI to. 

We're hoping to have a plan by the time we leave the hospital tomorrow, but until then, please pray that the doctors can come up with the decision that is right for Isaiah. 


As for Dave and I, we're saddened by the news, we're a little scared, but we're happy to have some answers. I will hopefully find some time later this week to dive more into that, but tomorrow you should expect your typical 11th of the month post because Isaiah will be officially a year and a half then!

Thank you so much for your love, support, and prayers. 


  1. Will send special prayers for Isaiah and also you and Dave. And.. if anyone can figure it out...Dr. Bober can... Also.. Just FYI... Dr Piatt and Dr. Campbell are pretty amazing too!!!

  2. What a precious little angel, and you are right about how scary it can be in finding out something wrong with your little one. Wishing you, Dave and Isaiah the finest in healing moving forward. It sounds like you have some amazing doctors; hopefully the ultrasounds can shed some light on what is going on and help to get it resolved!

    Kacey @ Glendale MRI