Friday, December 5, 2014

25 Days of Christmas

Remember back in September when the wonderful ladies at Go Shout Love helped to shout love for Isaiah for an entire month?!

It was awesome.  Not only did they raise money for us by selling amazing items on their site and through an auction on Instagram, but they had an incredible convertible car seat donated to us (it has a rotating base!) and helped to make Isaiah an official Tiny Superhero!  It was a magical month.

Well, just when we thought how amazing they are...they have done so much, not just for our family, but there were six other families this year that they featured and shouted love for....they did even more for all of our seven families!

This weekend a huge package arrived at our house!

Each of our seven families have received big piles of gifts! 25 Days of gifts to be exact!!  Each of the gifts was either hand picked or handmade with or family or child in mind.

Along with the help of other individuals and families who have read our stories, they have really helped to make our Christmas special!

And the letter that came with it?  Way to make me ugly cry, ladies. :-P

"This all began because a large amount of individuals approached us with wanting to bless each of you with some sort of gift and not because they think you are in need of charity, but because they have simply fallen in love with your story, with your journey and they feel connected to you in some way and want to be a part of showing you their love and support.  These are little gifts from our supporters who read or heard about your story and want to remind you and visually show you in some way the support surrounding you....Our hope is that each day when you open your gift you can be reminded of the support surrounding you and of the hearts that you and your children are touching.  You and your family are singlehandedly changing lives and moving mountains."

Yup, I definitely ugly cried.  Dave and I were both blown away.

And Isaiah?  He loves this.  Unwrapping presents is his new favorite playtime.  He obviously isn't at the age to yet understand all of this...but obviously I am taking 50 million pictures to share with him when he is older.

 He has loved opening his gift every single day.

Each day's present has been amazing.

Day one was especially memorable. It is an illustration of the 7 featured kids at a picnic together.  No tubes.  No sickness.  No worries.  Just fun!  

It has already found a home in Isaiah's nursery, and will be up on the wall after Christmas! :)

Every day, I am posting the pictures after we open that day's gift (well, I'm trying, I haven't posted yesterday's yet.  It was my birthday, I was distracted with birthday fun.).

If you want to check out Isaiah's gifts, you can see the posts on my instagram (if you are following me) or on Isaiah's facebook page since I share them directly to his page.

It's really hard to find the words to thank everyone who has been a part of this.  We're very grateful.  We are in awe each day as we open the gift.  The gifts have been insanely generous and unique and we just love them.

Thank you to the Go Shout Love girls- Kristin, Tiffany, Jessica, and Brittan, and thank you to the individuals and families that have been a part of making our Christmas so special. 

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