Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Recap

Hi there!  We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving break!  Did you eat your face off?  Go Black Friday shopping? Decorate for Christmas?

Isaiah did all of those things! Ha.  In the morning, he enjoyed his first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while checking out the ads from the paper....

And yes, he totally went Black Friday shopping (he is an early bird after all).  At 7 am, we were at Petsmart, fighting shopping for tubs of kitty litter and an embarrassing amount of canned cat food.  While Dave waited (in the biggest line I have ever seen) to check out, Isaiah and I went to Old Navy and grabbed a few things because why not?  It was empty and they had Isaiah's drawstring sweatpants (in red!) for $3!

But back to Thanksgiving...we got a family photo together...

which was clearly taken before we ate.  Do you see that Isaiah is licking his chops?  ha!

As he should be.  Thanksgiving in our family is a 2 course meal! Followed by...

His first of what will be many of Aunt Ann's delicious cookies.

He was skeptical this year, but he will surely be stealing his daddy's cookies for years to come!

I'll post about our Christmas decorating/fun in another post, but now I will leave you with two fun things.

1) Isaiah's continuing to work on head control.  His highchair was the last place he had yet to lift his head....until...

!!!! Go buddy! Now lift that torso!

2) He learned to initiate peekaboo himself on Thanksgiving Day...which means we've been playing it nonstop since then.  It's amazing.  I am sure at some point I will think "ok buddy, that's enough" but right now he has that sparkle in his eye while playing...while he thinks he is hiding/covering himself when he is not (at all) and it is stinking hilarious! 

Here is a video of him first playing.

Did you love the Carl cameo?  He was all "Isaiah didn't go anywhere, Vicky. Here's right here.  See? What is wrong with you weird humans?"


Peek a boo, friends!

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