Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Adventures

Get ready for a picture-heavy post... :)

Thanks to Variety Children's Charities (Philadelphia branch), we were able to visit Sesame Place and celebrate their Very Furry Christmas. 

 It was open exclusively for this event and you could only go if you had tickets. 

It was awesome.  We weren't sure how isaiah would handle it- the cold, the characters, the lights....

But he loved it all! Every detail!  Especially the characters...

He couldn't take his eyes off of them. 

Because rain was in the forecast, it was very empty which was perfect for us!  And it only drizzled briefly!)

One week later, we headed to a local Christmas activity at Kitchen Kettle Village-dinner with Mrs Claus!  

(I love how isaiah is peeking out like "cheeeeeese!!!")

Not only was Mrs Claus there, but Yummie, a GIANT gingerbread man was too!

Isaiah was quite intrigued. 

Yummie came up slowly...and Isaiah loved him!  They clapped together...

High fived, and had a great time together. 

After dinner, Mrs Claus read The Night Before Christmas and we sang with both Mrs Claus and Yummie. 

We went with friends and had a fantastic time.

Goodness, this Christmas season has been amazing. I am sitting at the Ronald McDonald House near DuPont, reflecting and writing this while Isaiah sleeps (sort of, he keeps waking crying. Sigh, poor baby.). Today we have day one of his Pam treatment. Let's hope his port is easily accessed and they get his medicine flowing so that he can feel better pronto.

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