Friday, December 12, 2014

16 Months!

This guy turned 16 months old yesterday!

(Maybe someday I will stop counting in months?  I just can't help myself, every month I celebrate his birth in my head.  I am usually up for a bit with him around 5 am and I can't help but say to him something like "16 months ago, buddy, you were in my tummy and everyone was getting ready for your arrival!"  We were so excited but also so nervous.  I kind of wish I could go back to that moment and hug that Dave and myself, telling us how beautiful our life will be with Isaiah.)

He is now 15 pounds 6 ounces!! I don't know where that whole half a pound came from, but I'll take it! We'll hopefully be switching over to Isaiah's convertible car seat next week since he's over the weight minimum now.  Hooray!  That will be the goal with his PT.  :)

We're still rocking size 3-6....and he is even fitting into some of his old 0-3 stuff...mega money saver! ;-) as long as I stop buying adorable holiday themed clothes...

And his vocabulary? Holy cow, this kid!  He moos like a cow, baas like a sheep, and has added a number of phrases and words like "hot dog", "all done", "yuck", aaaah choo", and "again".

The big news is how amazingly he is pulling forward.  He pulls up to a sitting position from a reclined one and is really doing great with balancing his head.  I cannot wait for Dr. B to see him!  Pam is coming up next week...Dave will be holding down the fort while Isaiah and I venture to DuPont again.  I am bringing a lot less stuff and trying to think positive.  I have a plan for if I get overwhelmed again...but it will all go smoothly (gosh darn it).

Anyway, happy 16 months (and one day), Isaiah!  We're so excited to celebrate your second Christmas with you! <3

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