Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Let the Disney costume tradition continue! 

This year for Halloween Isaiah dressed up as Mike Wazowski from the movie Monsters Inc!

You know, this guy...

And since this is his first year with his wheelchair, we had a bit of fun including his chair as well.

Thanks Pinterest, for the idea for the scream cans. ;-)

Our neighborhood is dark (no street lights), so there's really no trick or treating, and honestly trick or treating to houses with steps and such intimidates us at this point anyway...maybe when Isaiah's older!  Thankfully a local mall does an amazing Trick or Treat event every year.  Stores can choose to participate and give out candy, stickers, and other such fun stuff, and luckily many of them do.  It's fantastic because it's inside (so it didn't matter that Isaiah refused his little green shoes) and accessible.

Yep, Isaiah's daddy totally got in on the fun and threw together a little Sully costume because....FUN!

Isaiah had a great time saying "Trick or Treat" to many of the awesome people giving out goodies.  He was 50/50 on saying "thank you" or "buh bye"'s a work in progress lol...

He was totally amazed by all of the people and did a great job being patient when lines started forming because it had gotten so busy.

Oh and yes, I jumped in on the costume action and dressed as Boo.  Why not? LOL.

It was a totally fun Trick or Treat with my Monsters.  We hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!! :)

And before I go, remember that time Isaiah learned how to say Mike Wazowski?

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  1. i love that you and Dave dressed up too! cutest family!!

  2. Omg he is so adorable god bless you guys