Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Fun at Sesame Place

This past weekend, we visited Sesame Place to check out their Spooktacular event....dressing up was encouraged so we thought it would be fun to stick with the Sesame Street theme and put together our own little Cookie Monster costume for our Cookie Monster loving guy.

He even had cookie wheels. ;-)

Isaiah loved his first trip there almost a year ago, when we got to experience the park, full of Christmas spirit.  Given how much he loved Disney World this past June, we were confident he'd get a kick out checking it out again.

Our first stop was meeting the Count.
Just Cookie and The Count hanging out.

After we met with the Count, we visited Murray across the street!

Isaiah was a little put off by him....inching, but he still smiled and wanted to touch Murray's fur.

After that, we checked out one of the shows, "Who Said Boo?", where Elmo had everyone yell "Boo" at the beginning and we had a fur-real meltdown...(get it? fur real? lame.)....Isaiah ended up calming down once I had him in my lap and he enjoyed the rest of the show...especially when Zoe danced right in front of us!

Throughout our day, we were even able to Trick or Treat throughout the park, which was great practice for Halloween. :) I wish I had gotten one of those experiences on video, because it was super cute how Isaiah would try to roll up holding his bag out for goodies.

He loved meeting Abby Cadabby (above), mostly for her wand ;-) and seeing Cookie was like looking into a mirror.  If the mirror had a clown image on it. :-P

We're just learning the ins and outs of wheelchair decorating...but those cookie wheels didn't make it past Cookie....we left them with him after we met him because they kept falling off.  (Next time we'll try zip ties.)

The big excitement of the day was that Isaiah sat in a restaurant standard high chair!

Twice! :) and both times after I wiped them down with clorox wipes. He really rocked that high chair.  Isaiah had no issues sitting up...which is so amazing.  Kiddo has gotten SO strong!

Isaiah's favorite show of the day was the The Not Too Spooky Howl-o-Ween Radio Show.  I took a few videos which I've uploaded to that shows how a few characters came right up to Isaiah during a show.

It was a busy day at Sesame Place and we had a blast....we even skipped nap time and waited around for the parade!

Which was totally worth it :) Big Bird, Prairie Dawn, and even Grover came up to say hi to Isaiah.  I was quick enough to catch his interaction with Prairie Dawn.

It was an awesome day.....we loved all the Sesame Street excitement and we were grateful that it all put us in the mood for Halloween.

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