Monday, October 26, 2015

Isaiah's New Play Kitchen

Last week, I was looking for Christmas ideas for Isaiah on various websites....I somehow ended up on the Fisher Price website* (because Isaiah needs more toys? LOL)'s a dangerous thing (especially because they had a coupon code and free shipping)...when I came upon this:

It's an adjustable kitchen/table.  Adjustable.  Adjustable to a perfect height for Isaiah's wheelchair?!?
So of course I had to order it.  For Christmas, I said.

And then it arrived two days later...and of course I just haaaaad to put it together so we could see if it really would work with Isaiah's wheelchair.

Well, one of us put it together. ;-) Teach 'em young. ;-)

Once Isaiah was all done building it (ha), he went right to playing...He was seriously able to roll right up to stove (minus the oven...that blocked his way). It thrilled me that he could just roll right up to it....a typical toy!  Most times we have to prop things and adapt them in major ways; all this needed was the oven to stay off of it.

And then our guy was cooking...

I even pulled out my old Fisher Price kitchen toys (the hotdogs and a few other toys on the table in the picture below) from when I was a kid so Isaiah could cook himself a hot dog. 

I am so grateful that we have found Isaiah a little kitchen that is wheelchair accessible (without having to make it or breaking the bank) and gives him the ability to independently play (Momma does not need to hover with this one).

He clearly approves of his own "cooking".

And now we'll likely hide this table in the basement....hopefully to be forgotten until Santa brings it back upstairs and pops a big ole bow on it in two months. ;-)

*We have zero affiliation with Fisher Price.  I just seriously love the table.  

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