Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Fun

Sorry for the late post, but we had some last minute fun today before I could get a post together for today. :-O  I have a few more OI-related posts but I wanted to take a break from that since I feel like everything I posted last week was all medical.

After a week of ugly weather, this morning we woke up to beautiful temperatures and sunshine...and we had no appointments on schedule!  I had gotten an email from Longwood Gardens this weekend and took notice of the "Pumpkin Playground"...we'd never been to a pumpkin playground...

So we went!

For this trip, I pulled Isaiah's wheelchair out for the first time since he broke his arm a month ago. We're scheduled to see Isaiah's ortho next week to check up on it and verify it's healed, but since he's been pushing up on his arms when on me and he was dying to push today....I'd say it's on the right track. :)

Can I take a minute to say how awesome, amazing, and fantastic it is that Isaiah can sit independently?!  

Isaiah was in a great mood the entire time we were there today...he was so interested in everything, it was just a fantastic day together.

I've noticed a few of our new followers on Isaiah's facebook page have commented about how it's nice we do normal things...I know that sometimes our life isn't typical, but we live beyond Isaiah's OI and hydrocephalus...if that makes sense...

 His condition(s) are a part of our lives, we accept them, but they aren't our lives.  We strive to raise Isaiah to live with his OI and his hydrocephalus, but not let them rule over his life.

Yes, we have a lot of appointments, we have surgeries, fractures, therapies...but we also have pumpkins and cuddles, story time and picnics on a bench...

This picture was post-picnic ;-)

Some of my goals when it comes to sharing Isaiah's life with you are that you learn about OI, that you learn about hydrocephalus...and that you see Isaiah...our amazing little boy.  He has those conditions, yes, but he is so much more than them.  

He's a smarty pants who has learned how to unhook his
wheelchair harness which means momma is in trouble. ;-)

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  1. I see these pictures and I love the fact that you didn't let life stop because of Isaiah's condition. In his world he wants to play and have fun and this is what's important. His face brightens my day it truly does. His giggles can turn my day right back to a good one his eyes sparkle like little stars and his smile! Oh my goodness his smile! Mom and Dad thank you for sharing this little man's life all over the world. You have shown parents with children just like Isaiah can still live live everyone else each day you just adjust it to his appointments but he knows he's going to have fun at some point once those appointments are all done! Hugs to you all <3 from Ontario Canada!