Monday, November 2, 2015

Tummy Time at Age 2?

Yep.  Tummy time at age 2.  Tummy time is something that we've been working on for forever...but it's so important (even if it scares me) since Isaiah isn't mobile.  Putting him onto his tummy helps to make sure he is working those important neck, back, and belly muscles.

But then Isaiah will fracture an arm and I won't push it at all....especially because once he's healed, he rolls onto his belly just fine for the most part, he just can't pull his arm out from under him.

But that side rolling doesn't work his every so often Isaiah's PT reminds me of how important it is to get Isaiah completely on his she challenged me to get him on his belly every day, even if it's just for five minutes.

So I'm trying to make it a part of our routines....thankfully, Carl is helping. ;-) Side note: Carl loves when Isaiah does tummy time. He always comes out from where ever he is and joins Isaiah on his incline....I think it's partly because he's on a comfy blanket and partly because he wants to show off how good he is at tummy time.  He wants to be a good example for Isaiah, you know? #crazycatlady

I've learned that Isaiah is very motivated by his I-Pad (is anyone actually surprised by this?), so that's what he gets to play with now when on his tummy...and look how very motivating it is!

Some days Isaiah needs more help than others lifting his noggin, but he's getting there.  He always gets nervous when I go to put him down for tummy time but quickly recovers once he's on his mat...

This picture melts my heart.

Isaiah's due for his pamidronate soon (already?) and he tends to hit some kind of milestone or do something exciting after he's gotten that awesome bone juice....I'm hoping that we'll see Isaiah having a much easier time with tummy time after this Pam. :)  Until then, we'll continue to do our best with daily tummy time.

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