Friday, November 6, 2015

Dear Awesome Mom

Dear Awesome Mom (that we bumped into twice this past weekend),

We met you on your son's birthday, seeing you outside of Build a Bear at the mall while we were trick or treating and you were having a special birthday night with your birthday boy who happened to love Mike Wazowski (who Isaiah just so happened to be dressed up as) so you stopped to say hi.

Clearly I had to repost a picture of Isaiah in his Halloween costume. 

You and your son didn't talk about Isaiah.  You both talked to him.  You told him how cool his costume was.  How much your son loved Mike Wazowski.  Your son mentioned how he liked Isaiah's wheels.  You got down on your son and Isaiah's level.  

We had many positive interactions during Trick or Treat, but yours stuck with us.

And then...there you were at the Disney Store, two days later, when we were getting ideas to send to Santa for Christmas.

You, your son, and husband stopped to chat with us again, remembering us from the mall.  You again got down on the boys' level.  Your son pointed out Isaiah's wheelchair....but you didn't tell him not to "say that".  You didn't tell him not to look.  You asked if it was ok if he touched the wheel he wanted to touch (yes, I said, we just don't want to move it if Isaiah doesn't want to move right now). You acknowledged your son's curiosity and did so without flinching...."Yes, you know how you use your legs to walk and run?  He uses his wheels to walk and run."  You also mentioned you know another child who uses a wheelchair to move. Our guys had a short conversation...until they got distracted by...everything.  They're toddlers and we were in the Disney Store afterall

I just want to say thank you.  Thank you for acknowledging that yes, Isaiah moves differently, but he's a normal little guy just like your son.  Thank you for accepting different and teaching your son to do the same.

Thank you for putting up with my crazy teary eyed "I could hug you". Twice. ha.

And if we bump into you again, we have to face it that our friendship is meant to be and I will ask for your cell so our kids can have play dates...because I wish I had done that but felt like a weirdo for even thinking it, ha).

Mike Wazowski Isaiah's grateful momma

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