Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Last year, we dressed Isaiah as Mickey was back when Isaiah was still on his cpap 24/7, I was afraid to dress him in onesies, and we had been gifted this amazing crocheted set made especially for Isaiah...but I had waited a little too long (well, we were in the nicu for, what, 2 months?) so it was a little tight. ;-)

My, how he has changed in a year!

For his second Halloween, we are obviously continuing the Disney tradition, Isaiah is dressed as one of Mickey's best pals, Donald Duck! (And look, Mickey dressed up too, as a sailor!)

Carl even wanted in on the picture taking action (he's not so into costumes.  I tried to put a Santa hat on him once, he turned Scrooge real quick)...

"Um, kid, do you know you have flipper feet?" "WHAAAAT?!"

Getting these two to smile together both look at the camera was impossible and both boys quickly lost interest...

I had way too much fun taking pictures with a boy who is starting to (finally) feel better from that nasty virus.

We have plans to maybe head to our local mall tonight for some trick or treating adventures (nice and accessible!)...but I have a thing about people taking kids out when they can't eat candy like that, so if we go, we'll likely just walk around with our little duck (who keeps quacking! LOL) and just immerse him in the experience of Halloween.

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. :-P

Look at that tail!!!! (Yes Isaiah, I did take a picture of your tushy. Yup, I am a weirdo.)

Clearly this post is picture-heavy, but it was hard to choose with so many fun shots!...

Until he got tired of it...LOL!

Whether you celebrate this silly little holiday or not, we hope you enjoy your weekend! <3

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