Monday, October 6, 2014


We had a pretty quiet weekend here in our neck of the woods. Isaiah spent lots of time healing.  

I had pulled out his old rocker that we were using before we received all of the wonderful adaptive equipment because I find it to be best for transitioning Isaiah in and out of the sitting position.  Although it's not a great choice for his kyphosis (curving in his lower back), I added some supports in the back to make it less hammock-like and am reminding myself that this is just for a short time.

If he wasn't in his rocker, on the floor, or passed out in his crib, he was in his adaptive stroller, taking a walk or maybe feeding his face. Cheetos, grilled cheese, and pudding to be specific. He hasn't been very hungry recently and it's been a challenge getting anything in his system...and he needs to eat...combined with a broken arm, I'm basically feeding him whatever he chooses. (He has until that splint comes off! Then we are back to veggies and good stuff!  Yes, I am a sucker.)

But how can you not be when you see that face? 

Pudding gave us the first real happy and gleeful smile we've seen in days. Don't get me wrong, he's been smiling, but nothing like when he tasted that chocolate pudding. 

We gave Isaiah a good ole sponge bath, like we used to do exclusively months ago, and changed out his splint.  He was already trying to get that arm moving, which I think is a good sign!  Our plan is to leave him wrapped until Friday.  That was the timeline Isaiah's doctors gave us, telling us how much faster babies heal, so we'll see!  We can't wait to see Isaiah's arm again. :)

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