Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Water Therapy

Recently Isaiah was lucky enough to have his Daddy join us for some water therapy!  I took advantage of the help and stayed dry for this session. :)  

Isaiah has water therapy once a week with his favorite physical therapist...she happens to also be his PT through Early Intervention, so he gets a good amount of time with her, which is fantastic because she's amazing with him. 

Isn't the pool awesome?

Isaiah has been doing consistently better with sitting up in the pool on a lap (with some upper back support).  He's perfected taking a ball in and out of a fun bucket too.  Do you see that form (above)? ;-)

We're having some issues with insurance covering this therapy past November, so I am learning the ins and outs of switching his secondary insurance.  While I do that, I've also pulled out something fun from the garage, something we got from that fantastic OI family in a neighboring state that gave us a ton of adaptive equipment last month....

Look at this big kid!  I am working on some leg and head supports (with the help of some very creative OI families) and today I will be taking it to a local bike shop to fix up the wheels.  Hopefully we can get this guy moving independently sometime in the future?  I won't be rushing this, but I am excited to hopefully see him pushing those wheels some day.


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