Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pam Party

This August Pam party has been a bit quieter. Without Dave and our buddy Silas and his family, I think we've been twiddling our thumbs more than normal.

For the most part, everything has gone well. I didn't cry when the nurse accessed Isaiah's port, and I got us all moved in to the Ronald McDonald house all by myself on Monday night! (That last part was quite the show. I should have taken a picture but imagine me pushing Isaiah in his stroller and pulling a luggage cart FULL of stuff- clothes, his breathing machine, suction, toys, play pen, food, and more.  At 6:00 at night. It was a good time.)

Nap time on our last day at the McDonald House. 

I've done a ton of complaining and yet I still have gotten things accomplished.  Gavin's wonderful family has been there to watch Isaiah when I need a quick bathroom break and pack up the car, but other than those few moments, Isaiah and I have been together 24/7 and loving the bonding time. 

We've had fun watching the boys play and talk with each other, and Isaiah has also loved Gavin's big sister.

From a medical standpoint, everything is going ok. ...yep, just ok. Pam has been flowing and you can tell Isaiah is already feeling good from it which is great. We had X-rays of Isaiah's spine taken yesterday before Pam started, to compare to last year's...and that has me worried, but not educated enough to share too much yet. I can tell you there is significant curving to Isaiah's spine already, and I was recommended to lay off of pushing Isaiah to get head/torso control any time soon.  I think I may be pushing him too hard. :(. His muscles aren't strong enough to support it and the result is a curving spine.  :( :( 

We had a helmet appointment on Tuesday as well.  (I bet you're thinking, he still has the helmet? We never see it!  Helmet-mom fail. Sort of.) I tried multiple times to get him back in it since his last apportionment but he was miserable every time. I honestly went in to this appointment ready to say goodbye, I give up.....turns out that the helmet needed some major tweeking and they took out two layers. It's so much better now!  It has to stay off for Pam (bc it raises his temperature, which alarms the nurses into thinking Pam is causing a fever) but I will be getting him back into it tomorrow!  

I had been planning to stay at the McDonald house until tomorrow morning, but i am itching to get back home, so we'll be headed back after treatment today.  

We miss daddy, our beds, and Carl Marl. :).  We'll catch you on Friday. :)

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