Monday, August 25, 2014

Isaiah's First Birthday Party

Yesterday we received the photo cd of Isaiah's birthday party pictures from the wonderful photographer, Rosie, from Capturing Time Photography.

Um, did I tell you we had a photographer at the party?

My friend has known her for some time, and Rosie takes phenomenal pictures of her 3 girls.  They were planning to do a beach day of photos and I was bummed we couldn't make it and jokingly/seriously asked my friend what Rosie was doing on the day of the party.  Well she asked her and Rosie was free so she came!

And I'm so grateful.  I went the entire party without whipping out my phone for photos.  (And we know I tend to do that.  Constantly.)

So this post will be picture heavy.  While Isaiah and I are driving to DuPont for Pam (and cross your fingers a room opens up for us at the McDonald House for us or we'll be driving back and forth from Lancaster), you can have fun checking out some pictures.

First, the decorations.  I seriously started making these in June.  (Yes, I am a nerd.)
 Isaiah's First Year:

 Mickey ballon wreath!
 Easter Mickey, birthday-fied!
 My pride and joy, the hanging Mickey heads.

Isaiah had a wonderful day.  He was full of smiles for most of it.

 Dave was stationed on the deck grilling away...he had to feed eighty people, after all.


Isaiah's BFF Gavin and his family even came! (Gavin was like a little celebrity.)
OI Buddies for life!

The only time Isaiah got really grumpy was during his cake time.  He was due for his bottle and nap, and I was hopeful that he'd go right to town on his cake since he was hungry (his cake that I made because only one bakery was willing to take it on and was charging $70...psh, I got creative.)....I was mistaken.  He made it through everyone singing to him...
 Even some pictures...

And then lost his mind.

It's ok, we all know he attacked that Mickey hat cake on his actual birthday. ;)

It was an amazing day.  The weather was perfect.  The company was fantastic.  And we are oh so grateful....for your support, generosity, and most especially your love.

Thank you to everyone for helping us celebrate Isaiah's first birthday...whether you were there in person or in spirit, thank you.

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