Friday, August 22, 2014

Almost Pam Time

Isaiah and I have enjoyed our quiet week together.

We did a little consignment shopping...

Seriously, I need a onesie intervention, but could the message on this one be any cuter?

We explored a new texture in a bag...

I chose to introduce Isaiah to shaving cream in a ziplock bag since the shaving cream isn't edible, but it's so much fun to play with.  (Always monitor your kiddo when handing them a bag of anything.)

He had minutes of fun.  He's a baby, with a baby attention span. ;-)

We've built towers with foam blocks (well, I built, Godzilla Isaiah knocked them down. and continued practicing sitting UP and trying to work on that head control.

Next week Isaiah and I will head to the McDonald House by ourselves, aka without Dave, for his next Pamidronate treatment at DuPont (since it's for 3-4 hours for three days, it's easiest to stay near the hospital).  I'll be bringing a number of brown bags to hyperventilate into....I'm just kidding... I'm nervous but it will be ok.  Dave will be "working from home"...yes, I am sure he'll be working, but I predict he'll also be prepping for his fantasy football crap season and will be happy to be wife/child-free.  I picture him like Tom Cruise in Risky Business, running around talking to himself about football and sliding around the house in his underwear.

Visualizing it?  You're welcome.

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