Friday, August 15, 2014

Outdoor Time

We've been laying low, relaxing, and spending so much time outdoors because the weather has been amazing!

Isaiah has had a few grumpy spells thanks to those 12 month vaccines but he's getting better.  

And well, when he's sore, he get a little medicine and lots of cuddles and raspberries (ps, he gave me raspberries back!! ha!).

But mostly, we've enjoyed our time outside.  

I updated the Adaptations section of the blog...I finally got around to cutting some pool noodles as supports in Isaiah's stroller.  They make a world of difference for his legs!  His PT will be happy. :)

(Maybe I'll get around to cuter wraps at some point.)

We have our appointment with Isaiah's pulmonary team today.  Here's hoping he frees us of the daily nebulizer treatments and has lots of good things to say...because we're feeling very good about where Isaiah is in terms of his breathing.  Maybe we'll get the official write ups of his sleep studies so I can share them with you?  That'll be nice. 

Here's hoping you're getting lots of outdoor time.  Happy weekend!

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