Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dupont Trip

Yesterday Isaiah and I had a few appointments at Dupont.  Dave couldn't make the trip and this may shock you...but I seriously took no pictures at all until we were home.  Seriously failing here. :-P

So I give you a shot from a few days ago when we were out shopping and Isaiah was being silly. 

The appointments went fairly well.  Isaiah first saw an ENT to clear him of an ear infection.  His temperature has been hovering around 99.5-100.9 for the last few weeks, 100.4 at the time of our appointment, and I haven't the slightest idea why (no new teeth are popping through) so I wanted his ears checked to rule out an infection.

The ENT we saw couldn't rule out an infection because he found Isaiah's ear canal to be too narrow in his right ear.  He said he'd only be able to confirm it in the OR.  Considering his temp is a low-grade fever and he's not showing his typical signs (besides sticking his finger in his ear), he was confident Isaiah is infection-free. He did notice inside of Isaiah's ear was wet, and I know that was from water therapy 24 hours before so we have to get ear plugs to stop that from happening. (Maybe that's why he's sticking his finger in there? I don't like when my ears feels like that.)  Isaiah did end up getting his ear cleaned out (with suction!) which did not make him a happy little guy but at least it's open of the gunk the doctor from last week saw.

 Next, Isaiah had a check in with Lawalls about his helmet.  They re-glued a few spots that had come undone and weren't too upset with me about the lack of wearing his helmet since temps of 100+ usually aren't good.

I emailed Dr. B about the temperature, he quickly responded, and I basically pictured him singing that Frozen song as he told me twice to "let it go".  I've heard that those with OI can have a temperature that "runs high" and they are considered to always be healing...but I never knew exactly what "runs high" meant.  Maybe it means 100 degrees for Isaiah?  I'm not sure.  However, I'm very interested to see the reaction at Pam in a few weeks if his temperature is still that high. (They usually won't administer Pam with a fever.)

Anyways, are you still with me? This lack of pictures makes me feel wordy and boring.

Here you go.  Here are our adventures in textures while eating.

So dramatic.  This next one is my favorite.

Help!  She's trying to kill me with meatballs!

After our two appointments and attacking Dr. B. with emails, we had one more last minute meeting, Isaiah and I met with the Nemours Communication Coordinator from the Nemours Fund for Children's Health.  We will be speaking to two radio stations during the Nemours Radiothon on September 4th.  We met with the coordinator to share our story so that she can give it to the stations; that way their questions will be relevant to us.  I'm very excited to not only help Nemours but also continue to spread awareness of OI.  

I truly believe Isaiah wouldn't be doing so well if it weren't for Dupont (aka Nemours).  The staff at that hospital treats us like family; you can tell how much they care for Isaiah and want to see him excel and I am thrilled to call him a DuPont kid. <3

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  1. hahhaa the meatball face! dying! he's so cute. and hooray radiothon, so exciting!!