Friday, February 28, 2014

Just Let Me Feed Him!

Phew. Isaiah's temperature was back to normal at about 5am.  He was starting to breathe a tad slower.  A shift change brought a new resident doctor at 7am.  With a new resident, gave me another opportunity to beg "just let me feed him."

And she did.

We agreed to give him half of what he normally takes so I prepped a bottle with 2 oz.  

He downed it.  

He relaxed.

His heart rate, which was jumping all over the place all night, stabilized.

His respiratory rate, which was reading too high to the staff all night, stabilized.

He fell asleep in my arms.

Although he was still in some pain, he was back to normal.

Isaiah's pulmonologist visited and was thrilled with what he saw.  Rounds occurred shortly after and the staff talked about how well Isaiah is looking.  They spoke about moving him out of the PICU, out onto the floor, and then discharging him today or tomorrow.  I asked that if the surgeons and Isaiah's other doctors would approve of discharging today, could we just discharge from the PICU.  They took a minute and said YES, as long as the doctors approved.

Most of them did so over the phone.  Dr. Bober came down to check on Isaiah and he was good with Isaiah going too.  Isaiah's nurse unhooked him from his IV, took the access out of his port, and got him ready for discharge....

and we packed him up!

We were on the road by 3.  He quickly fell asleep with the lowest heart rate he'd had since we got to DuPont on Thursday.

And thank goodness he fell into such a deep sleep because we got stuck in some serious traffic 10 minutes from our house.  This added an HOUR to our drive.  Cool.

Once we were home and Isaiah was in the house, he was thrilled.  I carried him into his room with me to grab a diaper.  Sweetest moment ever....he looked around his room, sighed, and just melted onto my shoulder.  It's like he was saying "Oh thank goodness, I'm HOME."

No kidding, kiddo, thank goodness.

He's on some tylenol for pain and he's already back to smiling so obviously it's working.  We're predicting a good night's sleep and hoping to wake up to a pretty happy baby in the morning.

Seriously, I have to get this kid a cape, he's the definition of Super Baby.

Thank you so much for all the prayers, thoughts, messages, and love.  You are a big reason we're as strong as we are.


  1. Awww. So happy you're home before any snow ( :O. ) and he is a super baby. ... must be related to his super parents !!!!
    Funny how as smallb as they are they know "home".

  2. Super baby he is. So glad everything went well!