Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day

It's so wonderful to get greeted by this smiling face in the morning:

Mickey in it.

Meanwhile, a foot of snow has fallen in our area so we're enjoying a SNOW DAY!

First up, a little Mickey Mouse Club House with Isaiah's big furry brother Carl.

Then it was time for his morning bath.  (I'm one of those weird moms who bathes her kiddo in the morning instead of at night.)  Isaiah loves bath time and it both relaxes him and excites him at the same time.  It's a great way to get the day going.

Before his bath, we weighed him.

Holy Turkey! Our son is 11 pounds! Look at those legs kicking; this kid seriously loves being naked.

After bathtime, we played in the snow.  Except it was too cold to go out....

So I brought some in! 
oooooooooh SNOW!

After some play time in the snow, he and daddy played a little x-box in the family room.  Shortly after this, we had a little exercise time on the rug.  Isaiah exhausted while he napped back upstairs, I baked.

nom nom nom

Mommy, I want a cookie! (this picture is not from today, but it's so cute!)

We hope everyone is staying safe and able to enjoy this crazy winter!  And if you're not getting snow, I don't like you. ha. jk :-P

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