Wednesday, February 5, 2014

At Least We Have a Fresh Remote

So who is actually able to access the blog today? Anyone? No? Ok then, I'll write to myself like I talk to myself. :-P

We woke up this morning to the pitter patter of rain drops, freezing rain drops, to be exact.  We also woke up to a dark, quiet house.  Over the course of the night, the electricity went on and off 4 times, but that forth time it quit for the long term.  No oxygen concentrator running.  No furnace roaring.  

Our nurse switched Isaiah over from the concentrator to a tank of oxygen.  His Trilogy machine has a battery that should last at least 6 hours.  The heater though, the part that warms the air going into his nose, has no battery so he'd have to go without.  That's fine in the short term, but scary in the long term.  

Everything is coated in a thick sheet of ice.  I've been nervous about this storm since it first started popping up on the news.  I tried to prepare; I called our local fire department asking about a generator (as per the oxygen company; the electric company didn't want to help us. They don't "do priority lists".  ::commence eye rolling::).  It had to be approved by the fire chief.  Those that I spoke to were confident we'd be able to get one, however, I didn't think about one very important detail: heat. Our heat is forced air.  No electricity? No forced air heat.  And no generator from the fire company can give enough power to run our heater.  Whomp whomp.

One tree is possibly on it's way down in our back yard.  Blah.  The positive is that its path is clear of any houses or cars (and it looks like it was caught by the tree next to it).  Another positive? At least it's only one tree.

Oh, I remember a time where I enjoyed days like this.  Days where it was totally ok to wear pjs the whole time, curl up with a book, play board games with Dave....Please know, I wouldn't trade anything in the world to be back there if that meant Isaiah wasn't with us, but some days I just long for less stress, less panic, less worry.

Once the temperature in the house reached 62 degrees, and we'd been out of electricity for 6 hours, I called a local hotel to see if they have electricity (they do), and to ask how much a room for the night would cost (half off their normal rate for locals because of the weather).  We reserved a room and started packing up.

We were able to check in early (thank goodness) and now we are living large and trying to make the best of our situation.  Who's up for room service?

We brought all of Isaiah machines with us (most not pictured because Dave was still unloading them from the car).

Isaiah is pretty grumpy right now.  We think he's confused.  He's refusing to nap (Lord help us).  We're hopeful the rooms next door are either empty or full of understanding people.

Maybe he just knows the pool is nearby and wants to try some water therapy? (I wish. He's not cleared for it since he's still on the C-PAP.)

We brought many comforts from home, including but not limited to my big comfy pillow (pictured below, the kid is trying to take over my pillow already!), his rocking chair, mattresses, his sound machine/projector, and literally a bag full of toys.

We're hoping we're only here for one night, but at least we're prepared for the long haul if necessary.  Even if not, we live literally 5 minutes away (so Carl will not be forgotten!).

Given what I'm seeing on PPL's website, we may want to change our address temporarily to the hotel's.

Oh well, at least we have heat and electricity for Isaiah's machines....

The tv, with it's "fresh remote" is just a bonus.

Seriously? Fresh remote?

We hope everyone is staying warm and safe during this crazy snowpocalypse week!

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