Saturday, February 8, 2014


This week we were given the all-clear to take Isaiah's first ride in his car seat by his Physical Therapist! 

She came to the conclusion that Isaiah was ready because Isaiah has grown to be calm in his car seat and I've grown to finally pull the straps tight enough.  He was so calm during his most recent session, in fact, that this happened....

Melts my darn heart every time.  

Even sweeter? I took him out of his car seat after sleeping in it for an hour and he stayed asleep in the transition.

Oh yeah, he's ready.

So, we took Isaiah on his first adventure.

We drove the 5 minute ride to Neato Burrito, and he loved it! Isaiah and I hung out in the car while Dave picked up our Cowboy Crunch deliciousness. :)

Isaiah got to look out the window, play with some toys, and hang out with me. We were no longer Spiderman and his girlfriend in the first movie. (You know, looking at each other upside down since he always lays flat in his car bed.)

It was wonderful.  So wonderful, that we did it again...

Not only did we take him on a longer car ride to Babies R Us, but this time we brought him inside!

We grabbed a second car seat base :-D and a shade for his window in Dave's car.  

I'm putting this one, running a simple errand, in the "things I would have taken for granted before Isaiah" category of my life.  It felt so good to bring him OUT to a place other than a doctor's office or hospital.  It felt so good to go out together as a family.  

What a week for this kid, huh? First hotel, first restaurant, first store? We're so happy that Isaiah is doing so well and getting so strong.  He'll be off of his continuous C-PAP machine before we know it and then things will be even easier! 

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  1. WOOOOOOOOOW !! This looks great. Another tip for those in windy areas: you can sew in a seam of elastic so the blanket holds onto the Carseat.