Sunday, February 16, 2014


Today we've started really trying to up the ante when it comes to sensory play for Isaiah.  Our first activity? BUBBLES!

We were hoping for Isaiah to have a reaction similar to the above.  He was definitely fascinated...

As was Carl.  He kind of stole the show from time to time. lol

Isaiah smiled at the bubbles, swatted at them, and scrunched his nose up when they'd get near his face.

Basically his reaction was adorable.

Obviously, I took a million pictures.  Ok, not a million, but maybe 45 or so.  (must.document.every.moment.)

We'll definitely be doing this again in the near future. 

Our next sensory experiment may involve jello...or maybe a bag full of toys and hair gel....Hopefully he'll like them as much as he enjoyed the bubbles!

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