Monday, March 2, 2015

Thanks for Wearing Jeans!

First I want to say...
Seriously, thank you to those of you who have been thinking of Isaiah, those who changed their profile pictures to Isaiah's photo, and those who shared facts about Rare Diseases on social media on Saturday.  You guys rock! :) 

Now I shall be turning my focus to Wishbone Day. ;-)

Isaiah has learned this rolling maneuver that gets him across his playmate.  He literally pulls his feet close to him and does this rolling back and forth thing.  It's not a fast way to travel, but it's getting him where he wants to go on that mat.  (In the picture below, he had started out on the edge of the mat, literally on the letters F and I...and then about a half hour later, I realized that he was against the couch.)

He's also doing a fantastic job sitting up.  I have backed off quite a bit from supporting him from his chest.  Thankfully my reflexes are quick enough if I'd need them to be but when Isaiah starts to tip forward, he does a great job catching himself on whatever he is playing with.

His torso has gotten so strong!

This week we don't have too much on our plate.  We're working on finding this guy a dentist and waiting to hear from someone in the anesthesia department at DuPont so we can chat about his upcoming shunt surgery.

In the meantime, don't try to take a picture with a kid who just wants to watch his shows, even during a commercial, or you get this last wonderful shot.  ha. 

Mooooom, get the phone out of my face, don't you hear Mickey's voice???? I MUST SEE HIM!"

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